About Eric Rioja & Empire Exotic Motors – Exotic Super & Extreme Luxury Cars

Empire Exotic Motors started years ago completely by accident. The owner Eric Rioja is a natural entrepreneur. As a young man, he opened a small used car lot selling a few used cars every month in a northeastern suburb of Dallas Texas. As the business and his reputation grew as a car dealer he starting selling more and more cars within the community, becoming quite successful for such a young man.

His dream was to own an exotic super car and finally that dream came true. He noticed that when he parked his super car in front of his small dealership, his lot traffic increased 10 fold. Eric really never gave it much thought. 

One day someone by chance saw the car that Eric was driving and came in and inquired about purchasing the car. Eric really never gave it much thought about selling the car, but in the car business everything is for sale. They made a deal and he sold the car. It became time to find another car. Once again he purchased an exotic super car and traffic again increased on his small car lot. It really didn't dawn on him that he might be on to something. 

After a month or so someone else want to buy the car he was driving and they made the deal, the light bulb went off. The next time Eric bought two Super Cars. The draw to the lot was huge and the second super car sold. He sold the car he was driving once again. At this point it was time to make a business model change. Maybe there was a market for Exotic Super Cars in Dallas, so it all began.

Eric started to slowly purchase exotic super and high end luxury cars and SUVs, but the location started to become a concern. Since the location was quite small, storing these vehicles outside wasn't really a viable option and vandalism became an issue. Storing these vehicle off premises wasn't much of an option either. That was the draw to his car dealership. 

Several years ago Eric found a very popular location in the North Dallas area that everyone in the DFW area is familiar with. A very popular automobile leasing company occupied this space for as long as anyone can remember. Empire Exotic Motors in now located in Addison Texas just west of the Dallas North Tollway.

Eric feels that continued growth in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area will only increase the demand for High Quality Pre-Owned Exotic and Extreme Luxury cars.  Empire Exotic Motors will continue to expand along with the demand. 

Extravagance and professional convenience matters when purchasing the car of your dreams.

So the story is told

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